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May 21, 2010
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Hotrod5 Bio by hotrod5 Hotrod5 Bio by hotrod5
Real Name: Dwight (who cares for a last name) lol

Nickname: Hotrod

Call sign: Hotrod5

Occupation: Business Owner - Hotrod's Performance Tuning auto garage.

Suit: Universal Omnitech 2100 Super-Combat Exo-suit v5

Abilities with suit:
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Endurance and stamina
Can withstand fire from conventional weapons

Glasses (constructed by Ultrawoman):
Of alien design
Grants perfect 20/20 vision
Superior Anti-glare
Low light
Ultrasonic mode that lets him see using sonar, for total darkness or in heavy smoke
Will not fall of the face, only can be removed by grasping the corners

Dwight is the owner and operator of Hotrod’s Performance Tuning auto garage in Angel Falls. Located in the Old Industrial Sector, the shop specialized in cutting end modifications of vehicles for anyone who could afford them. Dwight is also a hands-on owner being a mechanic, fabricator and computer and electronic expert.

It was an ordinary day when a delivery man showed up with a large box at the shop. Dwight just thought it was some performance car parts he ordered. The box had a Universal Omnitech logo on it but it went unnoticed at first. After opening the box Dwight was surprised to find it was a high-tech bodysuit and not car parts. Dwight looked at the label on the package; it showed the package was delivered to auto shop by mistake. The shipping address on the box had the right building number but a different street name. Dwight noticed that the street names were similar. After trying the suit on, he found out it enhanced his strength when he broke the handle on his office door. Hotrod was surprised at this so to test that this wasn’t a fluke he took a stainless steel wrench and bent it into an "S" shape.

“Wow! Let’s see what else this suit can do,” Dwight said to himself. He went outside his shop and took one lap around it as fast as he could. Dwight was able to make one lap in less than thirty seconds. Dwight decided to see how high he could jump. He was able to jump to roof of his one story shop. “Cool, I gotta have some more fun.” That’s when Dwight decided to make a quick run on the rooftops of Angel Falls. Dwight was jumping from rooftop to rooftop with ease when he ran out of rooftops. When he stopped his prescription glasses flew off his face.

Suddenly Ultrawoman appeared with his glasses in her hands. “Did you drop something good looking?” said Ultrawoman. Ultrawoman handed back Dwight his glasses and Dwight saw the definition of pure perfection flying right in front of him.

Ultrawoman: Don’t you know who I am? Haven’t you seen me in the news?

Dwight: No, sure I? I don’t watch or read the news. I’m guessing you are one of the many superheroes in this city.

Ultrawoman: You can say that. I’m trying to make Angel Falls, the country and the world a better place for everyone. It’s just some people don’t like how I do things sometimes.

Dwight: The government, eh. Don’t get me started on the government. They tax and push the little guy.

Ultrawoman: You seem like a smart guy, I wonder if you help me we can reach my goals to make this place a better place to live?

Dwight: As long as it doesn’t interfere with my performance shop, I’m in.

Ultrawoman: Great! Also, I can get you a new pair of really cool glasses.

Dwight: Sweet!

Ultrawoman: I’m Ultrawoman by the way.

Dwight: I’m Dwight but everyone calls me Hotrod.

Ultrawoman: Well Hotrod, let’s go get you those new glasses.

Ultrawoman flew Hotrod to undisclosed location, that Ultrawoman called home. The contents inside Ultrawoman’s dwelling were an impressive sight to see especially the alien objects. Ultrawoman walked to a computer and started pushing a few buttons. A green light scanned Hotrod’s head and which took him by surprised. On the monitor screen, a 3D model of Hotrod’s new glasses appeared. Within a matter of minutes, Hotrod’s new glasses were made.

Ultrawoman had Hotrod’s new glasses in her hands. Hotrod went to reach for them but pull them away. Ultrawoman with her trademark smile on her backed away wanting Hotrod to follow. Hotrod went along and gave chase to Ultrawoman until she stopped at what appeared to be her bedroom. The door behind Hotrod automatically closed behind him as he stepped inside.

Queue the fireworks. :D


Well you all know how Hotrod got that awesome looking suit and how he met the smart and beautiful Ultrawoman. Some of you have said already he was misguided, but he has an obvious reason why :D (Oh it's not like you wouldn't either) =P

Speical thanks goes to :iconteri-minx: for helping me edit this story after my initial draft of it. :hug:

Ultrawoman © :iconu1trawoman:
Dwight/Hotrod5 © :iconhotrod5:
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wild style: thats very nice what happen to you , but thet not what happen to me when i first met her [link]
hotrod5 Nov 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If only Wild Style had Hotrod's smile then it would have turned out better for him. :XD:
wild style: well it's hard to smile when a psycotic super powerful nympho's threatening your life :fear:
hotrod5 Nov 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's all about Hotrod's looks and his cool suit that help tame Ultrawoman. ;)
you tamed ultrawoman, riiight :D
U1trawoman Sep 6, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Swoons :faint:
hotrod5 Sep 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have that effect on women, including women not from Earth. :D
I'm tempted to say UW sent him the suit on purpose but made it appear to be an accident for some hidden purpose.
hotrod5 May 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As far as we know the suit was accidentally delivered to wrong place, but anything can happen in Angel Falls.
Even though she's a villainess, she does have her charms. :)
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